Estilo Sonora - Comida Mexicana - Mariscos

It tastes like a visit to Sonora.

About Us

Christina Craig - Christina grew up in a family of 8 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was responsible for much of the family cooking, and learned to prepare homemade tortillas for every meal. She learned her style of cooking from her mother Maria Tienda-Besinaiz, and learned how to prepare meals for large groups and family gatherings, because Maria was very active in her community and local Catholic Church. Her mother involved the family in many of the church festivals, and they were was known for their food and hospitality. Christina has owned several Mexican Restaurants, and has also catered events, and parties for the past 50 years. She is currently the owner of Sonora Restaurant in Fullerton, and Christina Rose Catering.

Rose Larson - Rose is Christina's daughter. She has followed the traditions of the family with her involvement in cooking at family gatherings and working alongside Christina. She also has been involved with hosting large and small events with a large corporate facility. She supports various church activities, and was the past food chairman for church Singles outreach events. One of her cooking mentors was Marlia Gentile, from the region of Calabria, Italy. Rose has been catering for the past two years for CEO executive group all day sessions. She believes in the value of hospitality, and strives to provide excellent service and food.

Salvadore Gomez - Sal is the chef at SONORA Restaurant. His family has been involved in the restaurant business for the past 35 years. He comes from a large family of 15, and was born Guadalajara, Mexico. Sal came to Southern California when he was 15 years old, and his brothers started their first restaurant in Long Beach in the 196Os. They were the first to introduce the "wet burrito" and the Tosada Grande. Sal has owned various restaurants and his recent restaurant Sanchez Burrito burned down 6 months ago. He has been a close friend of Christina Craig, the founder of Sonora, for the past 15 years, and now he brings his talent and style to us. He is known for his sauces and he brings his special flair to chili Colorado, chli verde, chicken mole dishes, excellent soups, menudo, and seafood in the old world style you will find in the region of Sonora, Mexico.
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